Street art helps to democratize by showing ordinary people in their natural surroundings. In their immediate environment and their home. Where they fall in love for the first time, where they hug, kiss and meet. Where joy, laughter and excitement arise. But also where they experience grief, despair and worries.

If you ever visit my projects in real life or virtually I want you to be aware of both how you look at vulnerable groups in society and how we meet their gaze. How we look at each other, but also how we look at ourselves. Which society do you want to live in?

Totti Munch

Totti Munch

Who we are as human beings is a feeling. It is a basic understanding of your ego. Who defines the interface to gender? Gender is a fluid emotion. This project was manifested on a monument in June 2020. The one portrayed is Totti Much. Totti is a trans person and is in...

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