Totti Munch



Who we are as human beings is a feeling. It is a basic understanding of your ego. Who defines the interface to gender? Gender is a fluid emotion.

This project was manifested on a monument in June 2020. The one portrayed is Totti Much. Totti is a trans person and is in the middle of the process to become a man. The story between me and Totti goes back a long way. I met him for the first time when we were in high school. For many, it feels revealing to be part of such a project. To shine in the public space where your story, your worries and your feelings are shown to everyone. Totti was skeptical of the project before saying yes.

“Getting my portrait on a 14 meter wall in my neighborhood is not exactly walking quietly in the doors” – Totti Munch 

Totti’s journey has been challenging, sensitive and close. Although Totti has been sure of her identity, there are many waking nights, twists and turns behind. Showing himself as a man to both family and friends has been a liberating feeling, at the same time as he experiences a form of stigma.

It is in the spirit of the project to challenge the audience to face the stories and the people behind them. Not for sensation and attention, but to highlight life’s many difficult and important choices.