Emphasizing the intuition

Emphazise your intuition

To emphasize your intuition you need to trust your own journey and meet yourself in the safe haven that you know of. At the same time you have to be brave and vulnerable to free yourself from the established norm. I hope that my art will inspire you to be you.

who is rc

I am a visual artist and street artist from Bergen with an art education background in drawing and fine art from the Art School in Kabelvåg, Brighton University and the New York Art Academy. 


I am originally from Chile and came to Norway as an asylum seeker in 1987. This was my first encounter with the Norwegian society where I had to learn both the language and the culture. From an early age, I realized that there was little leisure for those of us who were interested in art. As a result, I was drawn more towards the city center, where I ended up in poor youth environments where both intoxication, petty crime and violence characterized my everyday life.

I never mastered the academic subjects, but discovered early on that I had a creative side to me that turned out to be very positive for me. A teacher saw me and made me focus on what I could do rather than what I could not. This is the beginning of a wonderful story.


My mission


the youth



Totti Munch

Totti Munch

Who we are as human beings is a feeling. It is a basic understanding of your ego. Who defines the interface to gender? Gender is a fluid emotion. This project was manifested on a monument in June 2020. The one portrayed is Totti Much. Totti is a trans person and is in...

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