About rc

I am a visual artist and street artist from Bergen with an art education background in drawing and fine art from the Art School in Kabelvåg, Brighton University and the New York Art Academy. 


I am originally from Chile and came to Norway as an asylum seeker in 1987. This was my first encounter with the Norwegian society where I had to learn both the language and the culture. From an early age, I realized that there was little leisure for those of us who were interested in art. As a result, I was drawn more towards the city center, where I ended up in poor youth environments where both intoxication, petty crime and violence characterized my everyday life.

I never mastered the academic subjects, but discovered early on that I had a creative side to me that turned out to be very positive for me. A teacher saw me and made me focus on what I could do rather than what I could not. This is the beginning of a wonderful story.

My mission 

In my youth, it was easy to identify with a negative self-image. This image I had of myself was turned upside down when I finally found something that I mastered. The art found me. My self-image and identity became stronger and I was able to unleash my inner strength. Art was my salvation. Meeting people who looked at me differently changed the way I looked at myself. A world full of opportunities opened up. I saw that there was a place for me in society. Something as seemingly simple as a glance gave me life.

My artistic work has always been about people and how they look at each other. Therefore, portrait art has been my main expression. The reason for this is that we live in a society where we reflect ourselves. Where we see ourselves in relation to others. It has been important for me to work especially with young people who do not find their place in society and who both feel alienated and that they do not master everyday life.

The vulnerability that exists within these people should be honored by encouraging society to meet them in the eye by acknowledging their vulnerability.They experience stigma, prejudice, pressure, exclusion and that they are outside the norm in society. They often stand out. Has a different story. Another narrative. Another smell. Taste. Look. Background. Colour. Lifestyle.

Through my work, I want the community to experience the inherent power of these people.

My philosophy 

Which society we want to be is defined in terms of eye contact, care, acceptance and openness. I believe in the creativity that lives within every human being and that we are all responsible for our happiness. In spite of this I believe that a society where we are more open, kind and free from prejudice will lead to more intimate and personal human encounters. To do so we are dependent on getting it described outside the established ways. 

Art has its own way of communicating. It cannot be censored, but it can be interpreted. Just the way you want it. Maybe that’s what you need. Another way to see the world. Another way to see yourself.

To create peace with yourself and the world, we need to know more, feel more and express ourselves more. Open your eyes. Your opportunities are right in front of you. 

This has always been my philosophy. To contribute with mine to create a larger, more open and creative space for those who come after me.